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Welcome to the Dubuque Seventh-day Adventist Church

We, the Dubuque Seventh-day Adventist Church, are a fellowship of believers reaching for a fuller understanding of God's will for us as expressed in His inspired Word.

As individuals, we daily seek a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior.

As a group of believers, we aspire to demonstrate God's love through friendship, help, and prayer for all people by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Some History

In 1899 the Seventh-day Adventist church in Dubuque was organized. No records have been found for the original church at 2140 Elm Street. However, records show that in 1918 there were railroad tracks running right behind the church. At 11:45 the train would pass by and blow it's whistle. In spite of the sermon interruptions, rattling windows and a shaking building the people enjoyed a wonderful fellowship!

During winter, the Elder would bank the furnace Friday afternoon to have it warm for Sabbath. In the summer windows would be opened and cardboard fans passed out to everyone. It was like being in a one room school house.

For Sabbath School lessons the children sat in the front and the adults in the back (most likely arranged that way to keep an eye on the children). As the children's group grew, they moved to the basement where a dirt floor had to be dug out in order to make the ceiling higher and the rock foundation had to be white washed.

In 1946 the basement was ready to move in to, but there were no inside stairs so they needed to go out side and around the back to get to their new class room.

In 1961 property was found and plans were drawn up to build on the corner of Mineral Street and Gilliam (our current location). Late in the fall of 1961 everything was moved from the little church on Elm Street to the new church on Mineral.

The Lord has continued to bless His family and we are now outgrowing our little red church and looking at the possibility of buying or building a bigger Church. Praise God!

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